"climb the ladder"
suicide----first used by Noriega in Panama, when American Soldiers were tapping his phone inside the church where he was hiding right after they invaded Panama to capture this ruthless Dictator. He stayed there to avoid being captured by The United States and by the Panamanians.
Noriega: I'm not going to be captured and face the death penalty. I'm going to climb the ladder.

climbing the ladder
by blthrskt December 6, 2005
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Stacking two women on a bed and banging one in the pussy, then the ass, then move to the next girls pussy then ass.
Scott has always wanted to climb the ladder, but now he is married and can't live his dream.
by BoneDaddy's July 6, 2013
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similar to "climb him like a tree" except only for my sapphic ladies out there. literally has nothing to do with ladders but hey, i didn't go to college. long story short it's 😏✂️
damn she's cute. i'd like to climb her ladder
by poopinagroup June 13, 2017
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To move up in the hierarchy of a corporation.

A 'ladder' is a device with steps used to 'climb' (or move) up and down, so the 'corporate ladder' is the series of steps people go through as they gain more power in a corporation and 'rise to the top' - from file clerk up to president.
You have to work very hard if you want to climb the corporate ladder.
by VAKI5 May 12, 2005
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This pharse refers to moving up in rank within a particular field or business. If someone "climbs the corporate ladder" to the top, they started out at the bottom (stockboy, mail clerk, etc) and ended up at the top (CEO, CFO, vice pres., etc.)
Tim lived the American Dream. He started out as a desk clerk and climbed the corporate ladder to the top. He is now a CEO in the same field that he had started out in.
by Doobie Smokes You December 12, 2004
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