Chief Financial Officer
Close cousin to the CEO, except this is the guy who's in charge of coordinating a company's insider trading and profit inflation scams and getting the documents shredded afterwards.
Andrew Fastow, the former CFO of Enron, is in jail for helping orchestrate one of the biggest corporate investment scams of the century. His boss, CEO Kenneth Lay, pretended he didn't know what Fastow was up to in order to save his own ass. What a bunch of scumbags.
by creaternity April 17, 2006
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Cold Frothy One OR Cold Frosty one
A term for a lovely cold pint of Lager or sometimes Cider (different drinks for different needs)
Anyone fancy a CFO at lunch?
Couple CFO's after work?
by alrightdrive April 26, 2018
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Corporate Fuck Off

A position held by an individual whose sole purpose is to waste company time and resources.
After stealing all the paper clips and creating paper clip mountain, the boss promoted me to the newly opened CFO position!
by GMSkidjit January 5, 2014
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It means “close friends only” if you are posting things or have a private story
*Makes A Snapchat Private Story*

by hi man is September 6, 2019
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Chill (the) Fuck out. Used to tell someone who is nutting up to calm down.
Barry, you need to CFO, buddy!
by Ow Chap November 22, 2019
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Boyfriend: I'm now the CFO of the company!
Girlfriend: Wow! I'm proud of you! You must be controlling much of the finance in the company!
Boyfriend: Er... no, i only check Facebook... that's why i'm CFO...
by saimaijai June 28, 2011
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An objective, third party advisor who helps entrepreneurs grow net profit, net worth and quality of life.

They are typically paid a fee based on the value they provide by helping their entrepreneur clients to grow their business, protect their assets and save on taxes.

They also typically collaborate with other financial specialists such as investment advisors, insurance agents, business brokers, lawyers, accountants and business consultants that can help their clients integrate and implement various strategies.
My personal cfo saved me $64k in taxes last year that my CPA missed.

My personal cfo helped me grow net profit by $247k this year since last year.

I look at my personal cfo as my "financial guy" that helps me tie together everything, kinda like a quarterback so I can go back to creating and doing what I love.
by Personal CFO Launch December 30, 2022
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