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To be so drunk that you cannot make coherent sentences and revert back to a toddler-like mentality and you create a bulldozing tornado effect on everything. Clegged is never an understatement.
Dude I'm gonna get so clegged tonight.

I got so clegged last night that I actually broke through a wall.
He pissed on his bed. Yea he was pretty clegged
by djrequest March 02, 2011
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When you give up your freedom an independence to your enemies in order to obtain a voice and say in their goings-on but you actually just become scapegoat for all of their faults and mistakes.
The best example of being clegged is when Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat party in the UK agreed to a coalition with the Conservative party. Clegg became deputy PM and all was well for the first weeks. Soon he became a joke and every single problem that the PM, David Cameron (conservative), had he simple blamed it on Nick Clegg.
by yellowcake-applepie October 27, 2011
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Pronounced 'Clegg-ed'. A verb that describes the state of being removed to a Purveyor of fine ales for the purchase and consumption of alcoholic victuals against ones will.

This takes place in the sure knowledge that it is not a good idea, that 'her in-doors' will not be best pleased and that you will most likely end up sleeping in the porch.
"Ouchh, my head is killing me, how did I end up sleeping in the porch, bugger I must have been clegged last night".

"John you coming for a beer or 10"
John - "No I have to be home at 7, the mother-in-law is coming round"
"Come on you know you want to"
John - "Yeh alright, it makes sense, now I'll tell her I was clegged"

Her "Where are you, you were meant to be home at 6"
Victim "Allo darling, don't worry I've been clegged"
by laughingboy65 November 28, 2010
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