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To Clegg is to betray everything you once stood for in a dash of opportunism and stupidity. Named after famous British Liberal Democrat politician Nick Clegg, who entered a coalition with the extreme right Conservative Party in return for a power sharing agreement where his party got 5 out of 80 major cabinet posts and no policy concessions. This is despite getting 20% of the British public's vote, compared to the Conservatives 40%.
Prole: Ay Guv'nor, do you remember that time when we were lil' kids when that lib-rul demo.. demo.. democart sed he would help fix Englan's problems but helped them Nasty Party make it worse?
Toff: Oh dear fellow, I believe you are referring to the most esteemed Nicholas Clegg, who took the momentous step in helping reunite all British political parties into Thatcherism. Say, are you finished polishing my shoe? That is an adequate job, have a tuppence.
by AshamedToHaveVotedLibDem November 13, 2010
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A verb. To 'Clegg' (or 'clegg on')is to put a spin on something disagreeable; especially for the individual - no matter how much - but do so in defence; and especially in an earnest way. This verb is named after the Liberal Democrat politician, Nick Clegg, who has consistently defended Conservative policies within the Con-Lib-Dem coalition.
To clegg on the subject of drink driving: "No-one likes car crashes. But to imply that drinking somehow impairs one's ability to control a vehicle is just scare-mongering - and it's the sort of jittery overreaction that causes most accidents in the first place. The simple fact is that only by calming our minds with alcohol can we keep a steady hand on the tiller."
by KrikenKing October 26, 2010
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Inspired by UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg meaning when someone goes back totally on what they said and does the complete opposite - as was the case when Nick Clegg signed a pledge that he would not raise the cap on UK University Tuition fees and planned to do the exact opposite and raise it by around Β£6,000 a year once he was in power.

It can be referred to in the past tense as Clegged.
That boy Clegged it" or "He done a Nick Clegg.
by VivaLaRevolucion1 November 11, 2010
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Dried up poo found in the crack of ones bum, often caused by a poor wiping technique
Rachel licked the clegg from Stephanie's ringpiece
by Wealllovejames October 13, 2005
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Commonly used curse word. Similar etymology and usage to "Fuck", "Shit", "Bitch", "Tits", or in place of "blasphemies"

Believed to be based upon the woe-begotten British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who's unpopularity earned him the nickname 'Calamity Clegg' before eventually contracting into the common exclamations; "For the love of Clegg!" and "Jesus H. Clegg, woman! What have you put in these cupcakes?"
Clegg off, you son of a Clegg
by Spacedyke May 07, 2011
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'clegg' is a term which is used to refer to the greatest of male musicians, esspecially those which have obnormally large penises. These musicians are normally tall and have astonishing good looks.
Hot female: I met this clegg in a club yesterday

Her Friend: nice

Hot Female: I can barely walk today
by A Clegg November 16, 2008
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