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Shafting people in the ass. Originated in the UK after the General Election of 2010 when leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg shafted everyone in the ass who had voted for him by forming a coalition government with David Cameron's Conservative Party. We can only hope that over the coming months and years the Lib Dem leader does some serious Clegging to the Tories too.
Meanwhile down at Number 10:

Cameron: "Deputy Prime Minister please don't shaft me like you did with all the people who voted for you!"

Clegg: "Tough luck, Dave, I'm going to subject you to some serious Clegging. Now bend over, bitch."
by Brombles May 14, 2010
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The state in which one's ball sac clings to one's leg.
"I was distracted, my balls are clegging!"

"One moment darling, I'm clegging a bit." (In polite conversation, "I" can be understood to be the sac.)

"Once the clegging got bad enough, I took a few large circular steps in an attempt to decleg."
by DingleberryOnYourZUG May 07, 2018
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