Neo-French (see neo-france) slang for masturbation.
"Time to clean ;3"
"Yay, I can clean all day and be loud."
by Aria Mi-hyung Kang June 01, 2004
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the state you are in when you are being drug tested
stoner 1: hey man do you wanna smoke these dank ass buds with me?
stoner 2: man, i wish i could, but im clean. my parents drug test me.
by wittyname January 16, 2010
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A person or thing that is any or all of the following: retarding, stupid, annoying, emo, gothic, a bitch, a fucker, dumb, sucks, or pretty much anything that is bad and used to describe someone that you hate.
I can't stand those fuckin cleans, they piss me off.

I wish all the cleans would just kill themselves.

If i were a clean i would jump off a bridge.

"I lost my wallet and it had a ton of money in it" (response) "thats clean"
by *M3* March 02, 2009
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used as 'sent clean'
when you have no emotions, something has shocked you or made you emotionless, i am clean!
Your pet dog dies...
I am clean.
by Tricky January 05, 2004
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In reference to marijuana - non gritty, nice tasting, potent, clean weed. Most dealers nowadays have inferior marijuana. Most weed smokers are on a continuous search for "the cleans".
Shaggy - "Safe, wanna go halves on an 8th?"
Scooby - "I drunno shraggy, this brer got the cleans?"
Shaggy - "It's not as good as Ted's shit, but he's out of town"
by Steezy1212 August 18, 2010
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a dirty term for
1. putting your bawls in someones mouth
2. fukkin some one
3. in the poo hole
4. suckin a peen
etc etc etc
can ONLY be used by straight people talking about doing straight things.
(text messaging)
Johnny too bad: my wife is pissed. she want to clean, and im too distracted right now.

Scruffy: well dont use your mouth on me! get in there!


hey baby, now that your done with the dishes, wanna clean?
by scruffy duffy doo April 03, 2007
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