Short for cisgender. Someone whose gender is the same as the gender they were assigned at birth. Not transgender.
Derek is male and he was assigned male at birth, so he is cis. Tracy was assigned male at birth but she is female, she is not cis.
by JosephineAda January 17, 2017
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A made up stupid tranny term used by the gender switch folks community to describe normal people that are not confused about their pronouns/gender identity. It's especially very insulting, since it's NOT us that are changing and mutilating our genitals to adapt to them...they ARE the ones changing and transforming to adapt to US.
These hypocrites want others to respect their pronouns..yet they don't wanna respect our pronouns. They wanna be called "women" but wanna call real women "cis" and get offended if we used the term "real" cause it would be "TRaNspHopiC"
I'm not a "cis" woman..I'm a woman.
I don't need a prefix to describe who NATURALLY I am....a woman.
by Freakphobe January 17, 2021
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A slur used to group anyone together whose gender and biology match up. Mainly used by transsexuals who boost their own ego by belittling or being racist/sexist to others.

It's often been used as an insult by the aforementioned people.
M: "Why can't you just have one opinion instead of changing it to fit your narrative?"
F: "Yea, like, just be normal."
T: "Y-you... You racist, fascist, cis, heteronormative, sexist crackers!
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by The 🍓 December 31, 2019
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CIS - Noun, Abbreviation
Communist Independent States. The states that were under Soviet Communism control but were not officially part of the Soviet Union.
Kazakhstan, Hungary, and North Korea were Communist Independent States. (CIS)
by Killa Klown April 20, 2006
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Short for "College in the Schools"; a program offered through some state universities that allows high school students to take college courses through their high school for credit without paying for said credit
I hate my CIS calc class.
Oh me too. I should have just taken regular math.
by snowta January 01, 2010
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...CIS - College Information Services
Maintainers of the evil EBS system at a college in Sunny Nunny, UK.
Do not venture into any place callewd 'CIS', you'll probably end up a Window Licker, or a David Evans or a Dan Ross...
...'omg... the desktop has changed colour! it MUST be a problem with EBS... lets keep phoning CIS until they come and fix it. We've tried NCTS, but they don't do anything, what a bunch of Dan Rosses'...
by None of your business April 05, 2005
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A person who identifies as being the same sex, as the sexual organs with which they were born. An easy way to remember this would be to associate "C-I-S" as an acronym for "Comfortable In Skin".

Where as the opposite of this would be someone who is transexual, who feel they were born in the wrong body, or they are "NOT Comfortable In Their Current Skin."
I might be a gay man, who has sex with men; but I have no desire to be, or to dress like, or act like a woman because I am CIS "Comfortable In my Skin." I am more comfortable being a man.
by GuyWithSling July 27, 2019
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