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short for improvisation, a comedy format in which the performers make up the scene on the spot
I saw some awesome improv at comedysportz last night
by Vlady May 09, 2003
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improvisational theater, performances where the material is improvised on the spot while they already in progress.
I don't think we are ready for improv yet.
by The Return of Light Joker February 11, 2009
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A rappers ability to write rhymes about anything from a stop sign to a license plate to playing basketball and not only making his verses rhyme, but make sense too.
Stickyicky is an improv master
by Singleasaneel August 01, 2016
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generally used after making a ridiculously funny statement, causing even more laughter from your peers
Yo man that joke was mad improv!!!
by lucci July 19, 2006
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