short for improvisation, a comedy format in which the performers make up the scene on the spot
I saw some awesome improv at comedysportz last night
by Vlady May 9, 2003
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improvisational theater, performances where the material is improvised on the spot while they already in progress.
I don't think we are ready for improv yet.
by The Return of Light Joker February 12, 2009
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generally used after making a ridiculously funny statement, causing even more laughter from your peers
Yo man that joke was mad improv!!!
by lucci July 20, 2006
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When you ask the audience to say a place, but you just make up one yourself, and then you and your actor partner have to describe the scene and the actions you are participating in.
Person A: "Ok, improv, so where are we going?"
Person in the audience: "Your mom's ass!"
Person B: " Alright I think I heard 'ice cream parlor.' So what are we doing at the ice cream parlor?"
Another person in the audience: "Your mom in the ass!"
Person A: "Okay, so we're playing a rousing game of football. I'll just pick this up and toss it to ya..."
Person B: "Okay and I'll pretend to catch it. Wow! Great throw!"
by snorts February 13, 2019
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A rappers ability to write rhymes about anything from a stop sign to a license plate to playing basketball and not only making his verses rhyme, but make sense too.
Stickyicky is an improv master
by Solid Mantis August 2, 2016
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A place or thing which can be improved, a person who is capable of improving themselves or is willing to listen to someone who wants to show them how to improve.
Eddie is not improvable, he doesn't even answer his Father's telephone calls or emails because he does not want to listen to his Father's advice. It seems he thinks he knows better.
by but for December 24, 2017
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a person who is good at or constantly 'improvises' or 'makes up' words, phrases or stories on the spot in an interesting and effective fashion.
person 1: "I'm a fantastic improver"
person 2: "that's not a word"
person 2: "see, improver"
by level900skewermaster November 23, 2010
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