Tell the CSR's about the new policy starting next week.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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CSR is an event celebrated by the three amigas. It is an abbreviation for the words: crying, souls, ripped. It symbolises how your ex-best friends left you in the dust. Now your ripping their cards, that you have received from them, to show your hatred towards them. You have to rip them piece by piece to show every shred of their soul is truly unworthy. Normally, the three amigas would celebrate by ripping the cards piece by piece and either throw the weeping souls in a hated hat or drench the souls in a unhealthy liquid. Both methods have a delightful meaning, the hated hat method: you would normally put the shreds inside and tie the hat up, this would represent that they can not breathe and so they should suffer the consequences. The three amigas do this event on every Friday to represent the very first day of CSR and they also celebrate this event to show their freedom from the poopy ex-best friends and always remember that they could always live freely without being bossed around. In the end, the three amigas all grab a handful of the souls and repeat the chanting "CSR is the best by far". The three amigas would continuously repeat this chant and throw their handfuls in the bin and make sure no soul gets left out. The three amigas also have their own slogan to repetitively chant: The Nights Of Crying Souls Needs The Knights To Rip.
"The three amigas celebrated CSR for the first time in Friday the 11th of December 2020. This day shall always be remembered..."
by aryaaaaa January 24, 2021
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Yo I was with Henry drinking beers last night and he was so wasted he pulled out his csr
by dick nugget October 7, 2015
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Cum-Shot Residue:
derived form the acronym GSR which mean Gun-Shot Residue (gun powder left on a person after firing a gun);

the cum left behind on the cock after ejaculation
Damn it, my cock is covered in CSR.
My balls were covered in CSR after fucking her.
by little-bigtop January 16, 2010
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Chronic Sperm Retention - Resulting from the lack of sexual relations for extended periods of time.
I'm afraid Herb struckout again at the singles bar. He has a really bad case of CSR.
by WarPirate November 20, 2004
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at camps when a camper and a staff memeber have a relationship that is restricted. C=camper S=staff R=relationship. Most of the time they both get in trouble/fired/or kicked out of the camp they attent.
Did you hear about addy and ben...they had a CSR last night. I hope the ownder of the camp dosent find, I dont want them to get in trouble!
by c.n.m.05 August 23, 2005
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