Yo I was with Henry drinking beers last night and he was so wasted he pulled out his csr
by dick nugget November 25, 2015
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Chronic Sperm Retention - Resulting from the lack of sexual relations for extended periods of time.
I'm afraid Herb struckout again at the singles bar. He has a really bad case of CSR.
by WarPirate November 19, 2004
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Cum-Shot Residue:
derived form the acronym GSR which mean Gun-Shot Residue (gun powder left on a person after firing a gun);

the cum left behind on the cock after ejaculation
Damn it, my cock is covered in CSR.
My balls were covered in CSR after fucking her.
by little-bigtop January 16, 2010
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at camps when a camper and a staff memeber have a relationship that is restricted. C=camper S=staff R=relationship. Most of the time they both get in trouble/fired/or kicked out of the camp they attent.
Did you hear about addy and ben...they had a CSR last night. I hope the ownder of the camp dosent find, I dont want them to get in trouble!
by c.n.m.05 August 23, 2005
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CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility and is urban for hustlin´with brown paper bags instead of plastic bags.
Because of global worming hustlers on the block choose CSR.
by triaspolitica December 04, 2013
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