(C)clinically (I)insane (S)slut
Ohhhhh your a cis kinda girl.
by Seksy7 May 04, 2019
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Prefix that means “straight” and is used as a noun by people who think that gays and trannies and other perverts are normal
“You were born with a penis. You’re not female.” “REEEEEEE! YOU’RE A CIS (cis-) BIGOT!”
by Victor von doom shehrrrcc December 03, 2020
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Someone who's brain matching their biological sex.
You look trans.
Nope I'm cis. But my twin is trans.
by Hello.i.am.lit June 30, 2020
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Alex says, "Look at that cis over there"

"Yea, fucking pussy", john said
by Jordynanna October 16, 2017
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The innocent school where the worst thing u do is steal a pencil from the art teacher. Also the school where u see 7th-9th graders doing tik toks and 10th graders thinking the rule the school when they’re losers.
“Did u see that girls tik tok? Oh she probably goes to the Cis
by Richard bulom November 05, 2018
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