A person who identifies as being the same sex, as the sexual organs with which they were born. An easy way to remember this would be to associate "C-I-S" as an acronym for "Comfortable In Skin".

Where as the opposite of this would be someone who is transexual, who feel they were born in the wrong body, or they are "NOT Comfortable In Their Current Skin."
I might be a gay man, who has sex with men; but I have no desire to be, or to dress like, or act like a woman because I am CIS "Comfortable In my Skin." I am more comfortable being a man.
by GuyWithSling July 28, 2019
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this means whena mexican girl is fucking you and she says it fack her harder
"oh ci ci ci " meaning yes yes yes dady
Oh fuck me dady oh yes yes yess
also means buckle up you gota bad bitch gg
by FlixZ_YT April 8, 2018
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CIS (acroymn) Cum In Side
"Yo girl if your good ill CIS ya! "
by Poooppeeee August 18, 2018
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That wasn't LOL funny but I did CIS.
by HUH WEEEEE July 25, 2011
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Abreviation for the television show Law & Order Criminal Intent staring Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe.
Kathryn Erbe plays the sarcastic detective, Alex Eames on CI.
by bensonfey February 6, 2005
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Black guy: "Yo, you got a extra C.I.?"
Me: "I'm sorry, what?"
BG: "a CI, Man! A cigarette"
Me: "Oh yeah sure. *I give him one*"
BG: "Much appreciated, famer!"
Me: *confused*
by Bran Nieboer September 15, 2005
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A senseless slur transactivists use to describe people who are not trans. It also implies that someone identifies with their gender assigned at birth. This is just not the case for most women in the world. We don't identify with our oppression, so just stop forcing labels on us.
by Jasminegreentea June 28, 2017
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