Chuckled in silence, used as a replacement as LOL, cuz who really laughes out loud at a computer? this phrase was started in Macdev Off topic thread by Joehack98
speaker 1: shockers>cyborgs
speaker 2: CIS!
by A Rich November 20, 2006
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someone who is not transgender. someone who agrees with the gender they were assigned at birth. not a slur or derogatory word, just a word with a non-offensive definition.
since I was born male and still am a male and do not have plans or wishes to transition, i am cisgender.

oh, not you an ultra libtard dipshit now huh.

no, I literally just think it's an accurate description of my gender identity. fucking get over yourself. not everyone wants to demean you because you exist. also, i would like not to be called a dipshit for using words with definitions please.
by Apparently an sjw October 28, 2017
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CIS (acroymn) Cum In Side
"Yo girl if your good ill CIS ya! "
by Poooppeeee August 17, 2018
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Acronym for Character Induced Stupidity. Commonly used in comics or anime/manga when the writer injects ridiculously stupid mistakes that may well be against the established canon of a character's history for the sake of advancing the story.
Ash Ketchum constantly receives CIS by releasing his strongest Pokemons every season and lose to the Pokemon League again and again and again.
by Wild Guest July 13, 2016
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I term used by the transgender lobby is describe women who have had femininity pushed down their throat since birth. They claim being oppressed by hierarchical, limiting gender roles is a PRIVILEGE! These term is misogynist because it erases women's lived reality in favour of men ("transwomen").
"Transwoman" wow that cis female is so lucky to be treated like a fuck toy and degraded by men her whole life!
by Nerida November 05, 2013
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A Latin prefix, meaning "the same as". Usually used either in chemistry to denote certain types of molecules, or to describe cisgender people who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. Cisgender is opposed to transgender, or not identifying with the gender you were assigned at birth.

Being cisgender comes with extreme privilege, and implies that the person has never faced the kind of discrimination and prejudice that trans people experience on a daily basis. Cisgender people will never be able to understand being transgender, and are always either explicitly or implicitly transphobic, and should learn, do research, and listen to trans people about their experiences.
I'm cis and because of that, trans people saying I'm not oppressed hurts my feelings, even though trans people are killed every day for existing.
by whitepigeoneats December 13, 2017
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