A slur used to group anyone together whose gender and biology match up. Mainly used by transsexuals who boost their own ego by belittling or being racist/sexist to others.

It's often been used as an insult by the aforementioned people.
M: "Why can't you just have one opinion instead of changing it to fit your narrative?"
F: "Yea, like, just be normal."
T: "Y-you... You racist, fascist, cis, heteronormative, sexist crackers!
by The 🍓 December 31, 2020
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A word for a normal woman a female born with female reproductive parts
David: Hey I wish I was a cis woman

Janice: Well you never will be because you're a man
by Queengal August 19, 2021
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Short for "College in the Schools"; a program offered through some state universities that allows high school students to take college courses through their high school for credit without paying for said credit
I hate my CIS calc class.
Oh me too. I should have just taken regular math.
by snowta January 2, 2010
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...CIS - College Information Services
Maintainers of the evil EBS system at a college in Sunny Nunny, UK.
Do not venture into any place callewd 'CIS', you'll probably end up a Window Licker, or a David Evans or a Dan Ross...
...'omg... the desktop has changed colour! it MUST be a problem with EBS... lets keep phoning CIS until they come and fix it. We've tried NCTS, but they don't do anything, what a bunch of Dan Rosses'...
by None of your business April 5, 2005
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"Ci" term being used for "Clean Invite" meaning sarcasm of not being invited to some place or where.
Vic: I'm having a party tomorrow night!

Kim: Ci.
Vic: Sorry you can't go.
by kimk17 September 1, 2017
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Chuckled in silence, used as a replacement as LOL, cuz who really laughes out loud at a computer? this phrase was started in Macdev Off topic thread by Joehack98
speaker 1: shockers>cyborgs
speaker 2: CIS!
by A Rich November 20, 2006
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Acronym for Character Induced Stupidity. Commonly used in comics or anime/manga when the writer injects ridiculously stupid mistakes that may well be against the established canon of a character's history for the sake of advancing the story.
Ash Ketchum constantly receives CIS by releasing his strongest Pokemons every season and lose to the Pokemon League again and again and again.
by Wild Guest July 13, 2016
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