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A term created by angry bitter broke bums to shame hypergamous women for having high standards and for wanting a sole provider husband/boyfriend. It's also used to guilt trip women into settling to the 50/50 scam with splitting the bill on dates and paying have the bills.
Broke and cheapskate dusty males want to have easy and free access to women's time and body...so they shame women by calling them "gold diggers" and prostitutes when women demand the man to court & invest his money and resources in her. These are the same dusties who want a woman that's dolled up feminine, young and fit.
Woman: I won't settle for struggle love and I don't entertain broke cheap men who don't have their life together and don't want to be the sole provider.

Dusty: gOlD diGGeR
by Freakphobe January 06, 2021
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A made up stupid tranny term used by the gender switch folks community to describe normal people that are not confused about their pronouns/gender identity. It's especially very insulting, since it's NOT us that are changing and mutilating our genitals to adapt to them...they ARE the ones changing and transforming to adapt to US.
These hypocrites want others to respect their pronouns..yet they don't wanna respect our pronouns. They wanna be called "women" but wanna call real women "cis" and get offended if we used the term "real" cause it would be "TRaNspHopiC"
I'm not a "cis" woman..I'm a woman.
I don't need a prefix to describe who NATURALLY I am....a woman.
by Freakphobe January 17, 2021
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A term common among the manosphere red pill losers & the mgtards (mgtow retards) who are angry & bitter about women that get around and have fun in their 20s without settling down...these clowns are mad that women are doing the same thing men have been doing for the longest time..Being carefree, experimenting around, having liberty over their bodies and having fun..Basically, they wanna dish it out but can't take it.

The anger could also stem from the fact that these incels were rejected and couldn't have a chance with the women who "ride the cock carsoul"
Basically it's another form of slut shaming, trying to control women's bodies and shame them for their sexuality..which is a typical entitled male behavior.
cock carousel is another attempt that falls under the long list of attempts of men trying to control women.
by Freakphobe January 14, 2021
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A term used by incels and misogynists to shame gentlemen who respect women and defend them. It's also used to shame provider men who take care of their women and protect them.
*A man protects and provides for his woman and treats her as a priority*
Failure incel: he's a simp.
by Freakphobe January 06, 2021
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