Stands for "Cunt I'd Like To Fuck" much like the term m.i.l.f. (mom i'd like to fuck).
Refers to a girl of particular sexual attractiveness.

see also YCilf (young cunt i'd like to fuck), meaning the same as above, but more juicy.
"check out the cilf on the other side of the road"

"ycilf!!!" (whilst walking through a school dinner hall)
by JB July 19, 2003
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Acronym for: Cartoon I'd like to F*ck.
"Man I got such a raging boner last night when I was watching watchng 'Who framed roger Rabbit??' Jessica Rabbit is such a CILF.

"Is Ariel from little mermaid a cilf, because I don't knwo where I would stick it?"
by longdonsilver February 19, 2009
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