Gottfried Is an amazing person, more amazing than a Daniel. Gottfried has the qualities to be the most repected man in the world.
You are certainley a Gottfried
by Nortey-Boy April 16, 2011
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Based upon the comedian Gilbert Gottfried, a loud and hard individual to coexist with because of his annoying qualities.

Gottfrie (Noun) - An annoying person

Gottfried (Verb) - When someone annoys the hell out of people by their voice, laugh, or existence.
Gottfrie- No don't invite Wesley. Last time he talked to me about college ruled paper for 45 minutes because I had some. He is such a gottfrie.

Gottfried- All of the deaf kids gottfried the fuck out of me about what song to put on at the party.
by ahh, now I'm done December 2, 2009
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A talented stand-up comedian who occasionally graces the airwaves by sitting in during the news segment of the Howard Stern show. Performs various schticks/routines and will inject amusing sound bites while Robin reads the news. He is very funny. Also does a good parrot schtick for those Disney Aladdin movies. Some people say that he has an annoying voice and/or laugh but hey, that's Gilbert, you either like him or you don't, just like Howard.
Gilbert does a great Jerry Seinfeld impression!
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