The should-have-been word given to a laugh that we say instead of do.
Real people:'laughs'
Benedict Solution Preposterous Ivy Harvard Jeeves Monocle Tophat Thee IV: I am s'rry. Is this a joketh yond i am too rich to und'rstand? Chortle Chortle
by Sodonim July 30, 2020
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A comination of chuckling and snorting. Ususally designated as a description of a weird laugh.
"You are soo high!" the Albanian foreign exchange student chortled.
by Shin Akuma November 3, 2003
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The chortle is dipping one's balls into a glass of bubbly while she blows bubbles through a straw and jerks you off
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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Sucking dick in an aggressive manner, often times going down the throat.
"Damn dude, Stacy chortled my balls last night."
"Nice man, but watch out, she's a hoe."
by Rc__ October 31, 2017
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To laugh

NB. This word is found only in certain British boy's comics, namely the Dandy and the Beano. It is extremely rare to use it in normal speech, unless inviting laughter.
"That was so funny!", Sam chortled.
by zimman August 2, 2005
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