CCP's most blatant and obvious attempt to milk the players of their MMO EVE - Online, of their real life money.

The monocle is an in-game vanity item that is only available through a special currency (AUR).
The monocle costs about 12000 AUR, which = 4 PLEX = ~70.00 usd (35.00 per plex).

The monocle has caused insane amounts of uproar and frustration in the EVE Online community, and has found its place in several articles comparing it to the infamous Horse Armour scandal (2.50 usd) which was about 18 times cheaper.
Wow! CCP is charging over 70 usd for an internet monocle
Dude that monocle is 18 times more than the infamous Horse Armour!

Bro we just got monocled by CCP,
by monoclemaster June 23, 2011
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The act of putting ones testicle on a willing participants eye
I played such a brutal game of monocle with molly's mum last night
by BertieQueen April 15, 2015
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When you remove a girl’s glass eye and thrust your penis in and out of her eye socket.
I monocled her last night

I want to stab my girlfriend’s eye out so I can do "The Monocle" on her.
by SayThwat February 6, 2009
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1.) A person who has excessive wealth and behaves in the fassion of a 19th century British industrialist, speaking with the same accent etc. Monocles care not for the welfare of others, only their own material wealth and generosity is to them a waste of precious money. Generally, 'Monocle' doesn't refer to someone who has earned their position, it refers to someone who was either born rich, or procured their wealth via minimum work, such as by collecting rent. A adjective is often used to describe people who are Monocles, this adjective is 'wymsical'.

2.) A lense that only covers one eye, used by the rich in the 19th century.
1.) "That guy is such a friggen monocle, collecting all that rent for himself from all those struggling poor families."

2.) "Oh, this monocle is rather handy for one to peer at how ones stocks have performed today."
by Qudamah September 29, 2005
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A refreshing alchohlic beverage consisting of the following:
2 parts vodka
1 part tonic
1 part triple sec
"arrgh, where be me monocles?"
by Jay Whalen July 26, 2006
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when a chap cums around a girls eye
"he just gave me a monocle"

"want a monocle bitch?"
by neil057 August 29, 2007
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Meaning Scrummy Amazing Orgasmic Perfection better than life itself
My God wasnt that outfit totally monoclate

That desert was monoclate
by msdk October 23, 2007
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