Chook (verb) - Born in the DMs of Instagram, the word derives its meaning from the desperation of a naked man in his bed alone at 2AM on a Friday Night. The word can be used in a variety of ways including get chooked, lets get chooky, im feeling chooky tonight, dont chook on your dinner and chookatrade trophy 2018.
"Hey Chook, Boozy Boozy night. What you up to!? *crying laugh emoji*"
by Jaybad54 January 11, 2019
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a beanie type hat that is warn when its cold out
go grab my chook, its cold out
by Special K February 23, 2004
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A handsome, loving, cuddle extraordinaire who always makes you laugh when you're feeling down. A person who's smart, generous and adorably dorky. Someone who always knows what you're thinking and is always your partner in crime. They're happy to travel with you to the ends of the earth, or just to the end of the couch. They're the 'Mario' to your 'Luigi', the 'cup' to your 'cake' and the love of your life.
That Richie is so awesome, he's totally a Chooks!
by Netterbahn February 01, 2011
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a portmanteau of chain and hook, used to describe something that is especially sick
"yo cal, that party was off the chook!"
by tabernac1951 August 24, 2009
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One who has the characteristics of both a Chode and a Mook. These people are often called "Tools" but such a title is hardly harsh enough to describe the caliber of person you are often dealing with. An especially Lame, or undesirable person who is so self-centered and arrogant, they can't seem to tell their Ass Hole from the Grand Canyon.
That guy is such a Tool he's surpassed all others. He's officially become a chook.
by Littlegregfield February 27, 2008
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hey mate, can you give the tv volume a couple of chooks?

shit this slappet has some chooks under the bonnet!
by peekaboo_jones September 27, 2005
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