Richies are usually totally hot guys though very confusing but hot so hes worth it
Richies are often very nice kissers
Richies are often look very much like thier sister
Richies smile alot and are kinda hyper
they are often musically talented, and may even be in a band
Richies are usually outgoing
Hot girl: Hey whos that guy over there whos totally hot and has musical talent and seems quite confusing?

Hot girl #2: Oh that must be a Richie!
by superflypimp May 9, 2009
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Modern form of Phallus commonly worshipped by the clitoris nation.
1. He was so perfect but he whipped out his needle dick, so not richie.
2. Pat “who wants to play richie whoever screams it the loudest wins.”
Claire “ Richie!”
3. The third leg
by venusxx December 10, 2010
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The sexiest man alive or that ever lived/ will live. A richie always kills the biggest deer every year and drives the nicest, sexiest, best cars and trucks ever created
I wish I was Richie!
by **************** January 31, 2008
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Short for Richard meaning strong, dominant, rich, brave, powerful ruler.
Richie synonyms:
Richard - Dick
Richeart - lots of love
Richer - more money more girls
Richi - something of value
Richeard - Dicks come with good ears
by Moanyalisa December 9, 2010
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A man god sent for peace purposes. Smokin hot, dankilicious lips, tall as a tree, smells great, blunt, makes a kind bud but breaks up easily. In love with Mary Jane, master in the arts of herbal healing and a leader of dankism. Richie helps weed out stress and most everyone feels there sprits rise when hes by.
WaNtEd: Richies usually have a shade of brown hair, an Irish/German heritage and will drink anyone under the table.
Nazi “man hitler shoulda chilled with richie
chick “richie is amazing he cured my anorexia 100%”
Richie “say no to crack”
Bystander-Hay look its Richie!
by 420@420 April 20, 2011
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The greatest type of person on the planet. They are musically talented, intelligent, popular and nice af. Can be a complete idiot sometimes but is a great friends
Oh my god, Richie is so greaaatt
by lagreatboi July 13, 2019
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