53 definitions by VeryVisionary

Term for a pathetic pair of breasts

Pathetic like a couple of scrawny chickens flapping about of no use to anyone
Would you look at the chooks on her
by VeryVisionary July 7, 2023
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Floppy empty tits

No side profile

Deflated hollow sacks of skin
Damn that gurl got some cat flaps on her, she must have a lot of kids
by VeryVisionary July 7, 2023
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When I'm laid on my back my tits flop into my armpits

I like to effectionately call that a pit stop (or tit stop)

Feel free to retrieve them with your tongue
My tits are having a pit stop. Want to come suck them? Hope you don't mind them tasting of vinegar?
by VeryVisionary July 16, 2023
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Large round yet flat (pancakes) tits with big nipples

Like walking around with two portobello mushrooms stuck to your chest with the stalks pointing outwards
by VeryVisionary September 17, 2023
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Cat flaps = empty tits

Cellophane Cat Flaps = extremely empty tits

The tits are literally just skin and the skin is so thin it clings to the chest like Cellophane

These are not flat chested tits these are ones buoyant decent sized boobs that have deflated through child bearing and breast feeding
Those aren't just cat flaps they are Cellophane cat flaps ... like seriously empty. They could not be any emptier
by VeryVisionary July 7, 2023
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Breasts that take the shape of cucumbers when she leans forward slightly. The nipples dangling right at the bottom. When stood up straight they resemble two flat plaice
Jane: What type of breasts would you say I had? Flapjacks? Lemons? Mail bags?
Sarah: I'd say cucumbers
by VeryVisionary June 30, 2023
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Fabulous Ass Nasty Tits Annoyance

There is always a catch

She has such a great dumper but man her tits are deflated as fuck
Shame that she is a fanta, I had high hopes
by VeryVisionary September 6, 2023
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