An Aussie slang word for chicken that's commonly used as a 'nice insult,' especially when somebody has done or said something really obviously retarded that's only worth laughing about. Similar to that of a 'dag.'
Morgan: I got hit by a bus yesterday
Ted: oh yeah, what happened?
Morgan: I was standing in the middle of a road
Ted: ha, ya bloody chook
by Leeeeeeena October 07, 2006
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A word used in Upper Michigan, which refers to a knit cap sometimes referred to as a watch cap. It can also refer to any knit caps worn in cool weather. It is a Yooper dialect word which has no correct or standard spelling. Could be spelled chuk. It is from the French Canadian word, toque, which means the same thing. The Quebecois pronunciation is much like chook. The Anglo Canadians pronounce it toke, or took.
It's chilly out, so you better wear your chook.
by Oneyooper January 08, 2011
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verb(chooking, chooked)
1- to wound or puncture using a sharp object.

2 - to stab.

Pidgin English word with Nigerian origin.
I will chook you. He chooked me.
by ShadowMonkk November 14, 2009
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Chook (verb) - Born in the DMs of Instagram, the word derives its meaning from the desperation of a naked man in his bed alone at 2AM on a Friday Night. The word can be used in a variety of ways including get chooked, lets get chooky, im feeling chooky tonight, dont chook on your dinner and chookatrade trophy 2018.
"Hey Chook, Boozy Boozy night. What you up to!? *crying laugh emoji*"
by Jaybad54 January 11, 2019
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A member of the Royal Australian Signal Corps (RASIGS).
Signallers are known as 'Chooks' throughout the Australian Army. It is believed the nickname originally came about during the Vietnam War. The Signallers of 152 Signal Squadron SASR, based at Nui Dat were placed in a small shack resembling a Chook Pen. With all the chatter over the radios heard from outside, they sounded very much like chooks - hence the nickname.
by Stump February 08, 2005
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