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A true A-lister; one who enjoys gambling, women, drinking, boating, and all of the finer things in life. A chizzler will often partake in these activities well past the usual age the general population ceases to engage in such vices.
After exiting the strip club, Dave, Timmy, John, and RAZ joined all the other chizzlers in the sports book at noon on Tuesday.
by Parker Mattingly March 31, 2008
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A fiendish type who is persistent in their pursuit of their next nicotine fix.

Chizzlers seek chewing tobacco or chaw and will repetitively request that you should let them grab a pinch.

As of recent, the definition of chizzler has been expanded to those who mooch food, alcohol, and other goods and services.
Chizzler: Hey man, hook me up with some lip salad.

You: Get lost mook, go buy your own tin!
by drunkenbadger February 26, 2013
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A derogatory term or racial slur, if you will, for an Asian person.
Kathryn won't eat at Chinese Restaurants, she says she hates chizzlers
by Tooley694eVeR February 29, 2008
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one who continually "mooches" or uses others to acquire goods or services.
"Buy your own beer you fucking chizzler!"
by franky November 14, 2002
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One you aims to trick or deceive in a manner that will cause financial harm, material loss and humiliation or embarrassment.
The chizzler stole my belt and left me with my pants down.
by Fiddlin ben February 23, 2010
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Dublin (Ireland) slang for a small child. Can be used in mildly derogatory fashion, or as a term of endearment.
Would ye look at the muck on that chizzler's face! Jesus, Mary and Joseph, ye'd think she never had a bath in her life.
by ballyhoo August 09, 2008
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