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It`s a kind of music created by Wang Leehom (Asian Singer) who incoprates east and west sounds to his music. he make this kind of music since 2004 in his album "Shengri-la" he incoporates hip hop,R&B pop with tibet,and other asian music. in his new album "Heroes OF Earth" Released in 2006 got pekin opera on it
If you want to heard leehom chinked-out music serch in youtube:
Heroes Of Earth
Leehom Chinked-Ou(chinked out)t Albums:
by ForeverFire June 20, 2007
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when you are smoking dope it refers to the way the eyes look. they have eyes like asians so they get the 'chicked out' eyes. usually happens when someone gets a bit too drugged up!
walking to the shop: "awww mate, my eyes are chinked out." "aye mate im so stoned here"
by smyth1989 June 26, 2006
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A self-proclaimed, so-called rapping style by LeeHom Wang with supposedly fusion of East and West music elements, which in reality sounds like crap mixed with record skipping with random noises.
A: Have you heard LeeHom's new chinked out song Heroes of Earth?
B: Oh you meant those noises that barely resemble a song with a lot of random ching chang chong in the background?
A: Chinked Out!
by taisui October 04, 2010
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Adjective describing something that has been converted or changed to exhibit asian gangsta' or hoodlum characteristics. This is particularly fitted to describe automotive changes.
That Honda Civic is chinked out to the max, man!
The boba straw is so big, it looks linked a chinked muffler on an Acura Integra.
by Bagooda December 13, 2005
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The act of smoking marajuana. Stoned, ripped, twisted.
Man i can't handle getting this chinked out, i feel like my brain is melting.
by Greg A. July 15, 2003
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Any object having been Chinafine. The deffinitive example of this is the lowering of trucks to the extent where they can no longer drive over a speed-bump.
by Scott April 03, 2003
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