A mixture of Chillin' and Relaxin'.
"I'm not doing anything. I'm just sittin' on the couch chillaxin".
by Ashlee August 13, 2001
A varied form of "Chilling" and "Relaxing", often used in a laid-back manner:
"whats goin on, man?"
"not much, just CHILLAXIN"
"i hear you.."
by ---Tom--- November 10, 2006
Mix between chillin and relaxin
"I'm just chillaxin around my house."
by Adam Miller October 21, 2003
its a mix between i invent stupid words and chillin sounds so much better
im chillaxin in my cardboard box
by kyle February 15, 2004
Me and my crew were just chillaxin at my house while sippin on some brewskis.
by jeff July 15, 2003