The state of being totally relaxed and chilled, beyond that of being just relaxed or chilled.
This weekend I took it real easy and was just chillaxin' from Friday night to Sunday night.
by chad28 March 28, 2003
Wife: Jamal get yo' ass outside and cut the damn grass. And when you are done with that, you can go to the store and pick up some St. Ides Special Brew.

Husband: Shaquita you better shut yo' black ass up; im chillaxin' right now with tyrone while we smoke a blunt.
by thatoneguywhodoesthings April 23, 2008
Chilling and Relaxing at the same time.
Comes from the combination of the two words mentioned above.
I was chillaxing in my dorm room.
by GANANIA April 6, 2004
To chill and relax at the same time,copastetic,peaceful,serene,down.

The background of the word chillaxin come from the word Chill and Relaxin or maxin whichever you prefer.
What Up Mah Nigga?

Nuttin Just Chillaxin
by Carlos December 14, 2004
Chillin out to the point of being relaxed then you are chillaxin'
Me and my boys were smoking this fat blunt to the point of us chillaxin'
by Wicked klown July 22, 2010
A combination of the words chilling and relaxing. It was first used in 1993 when then University of South Carolina freshman Roy Smith was laying out his weekly study regimen on a computer in the main libraries computer lab. Short periods of hanging out were denoted as “chillaxin” on his calendar while long periods of idle time (such as weekends) were denoted as “straight chillaxin.” A neighboring student and friend noticed the term and after explanation the term was entered into the lexicon growing slowly over the next few decades. It is now considered hackneyed in use.
Man I was just chillaxin after work.

Man, what a week. Time for some straight chillaxin.
by Omnibus Raven April 26, 2019