chillin..or relaxin...wich one were you doing????
tommy..said ,he was chillin in the house.. tommy was home relaxin...tommy was chillaxin watching television after finishing up, with those two hot girls..
by t downs February 13, 2009
chill·lax·ing (chill-lax-ĭng)
1. Slang combination of chillin' and relaxin'.
2. State of being calm, relaxed, and laid-back.
"After a long week of work, I'm looking forward to some chillaxin' at my buddy's."
by Michael DeFant December 11, 2008
Combination of the words chillin' and relaxing, something you do on the weekend with friends. Synonyms: hanging out, relaxing, kickin' it.
"What did you do last night?" asked Jack.
"Nothing much, I was just chillaxin'" responded Jill.
by Sarah487 July 20, 2006
The act of not only relaxing while lounging in front of the TV. It goes a step further. It's the act of relaxing, while having the attitude that they will be in a state of "coolness." When you just relax, yr mind thinks about all the stuff you think you should be doing. A person who is chillaxin is worry and guilt-free, the mind is at rest and is feeling mellow.
Morgan: Hey Holden, what's up?
Holden: Doing absolutely nothing and feelin' good about it. I'm chillaxin...
by Babydoll75 March 20, 2019
Way-far laid back. Chillin' & relaxin' at the same time.An extreme state of contentedness.Good vibes.
I was chillaxin in the recliner wit my crew & some brew while my cat was stretched out on the sofa.
by Moonbeam Nance July 5, 2006