Something said by really big losers who think they're cool
He He I'm sittin here chillaxin DUDE!
by Chrissy May 9, 2004
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to chill or be relaxed... in other words lazy
I am just chillaxin today.
by Brittney Yoksh January 21, 2007
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mixture b/t chillin and relaxin
To hear chillaxin used in everyday converstion please watch the movie Final Destination 2... the stoner character, who might I add, is the funniest of all of them, says chillaxin...
by Krystina December 8, 2003
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to realax and chill at the same time
find a cotch, a bag of the high grade and sit back to do what your doing maaaan!jus be chillaxin
by J dot D March 3, 2008
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a combonation of both chilling and relaxin. being in a state of peace and tranquility
I took the day off and was chillaxin the entire day.
by Preston Perrin March 22, 2008
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Chillin, relaxin at the same time.
I'm chillin, relaxin at the same time. You know, chillaxin.
by danielleee2510 October 23, 2008
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like it ain't buggin
cuz you relaxin
lettin yo droopies feel it deep

you chillaxin?

yeah. iz chillaxin.
letting it hang
movin it round
feelin my jank
iz chillaxin
by YoBates November 30, 2006
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