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1. A small, black-and-white North American bird of the genus Parus, most commonly Parus atricapillus. It is most active in cool weather, and seldom seen in summer except in deep forests. It often has little fear of humans. Named for its call, which often sounds like Chick-a-dee-dee-dee. The number of "dee" syllables on the end depends on the situation. More than three usually indicates that something startled the bird.

2. A chiefly Canadian term of familiar or affectionate address to a girl or young woman; apparently derived from a Mexican Spanish phrase composed of the word chica(girl) and an adjectival starting with the preposition "de"; the original phrase was forgotten because Spanish is not commonly spoken in Canada, and the spelling was conformed to that of the bird. Only known and used in certain areas.
1. Our neighbor Mr. Larieu was going to cut down that big birch tree, but I told him there were two chickadee nests in it, so he said he wouldn't.

2. Hey there, chickadee! You're back from Chilliwack, eh?
by JCEG December 23, 2006
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Girlfriend; another title used when in a closed relationship with another person. This is usually the case when both parties are nervous about starting a new commitment with each other and do not want to place labels on each other so they tend to use pet names. A.k.a boyfrand, wife, husband, very close friend, and so on.
Goodnight my beautiful chick-a-dee, perhaps we can do something tomorrow.
by starwarsfreak422 May 27, 2011
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A more creative and refined way of saying chik or chica. used by literate people.
"the chickadees are setting up on the corner. let's head down and talk dirty in latin."
by Jewishcracka December 30, 2005
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What you call someone when you're bored of calling them babe or hunny or saying their name with face at the end. What you call your best friends cause theyre just that cool.
Heyyy Chickadee!!
by Igotmymindinthegutter February 02, 2009
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a chick-a-dee is one of your good girlfriends that you always hang around. therefore, instead of saying their real name and you dont have a nickname for them you say chick-a-dee.
hey chick-a-dee come over here and hang.
by NikkiFM_AM May 20, 2008
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A code word you tell to your close friends that is used at a party when you are trying to inform them it is time to go find a place to hide a smoke a joint because there is way to many heads to smoke with them all.

Friend 1: Chickadee! Chickadee!(in a high pitched voice, sung like a bird)

(friends 2 and 3 approach discreetly)

Friend 1: Alright, meet me behind my car across the street in 10 minutes. Its time to smoke a joint!!!

Friend 2: I'll be there I just gotta refill my (insert alcholic beverage here).

by Beansgreg November 07, 2007
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