Your typical white town where all the teens do is skip school and smoke weed whilst the elders attend church and scream at youngins for shitting on their lawn. Half the kids enrolled in school are genuinely going to do nothing in life besides further abuse tax payers money via the many gracious welfare programs. I can't decide what students struggle with more--properly using a condom or passing workplace mathematics.
Hey man, we're low on gas. Should we swing by a gas station in Chilliwack?

No thanks, I don't want to get stabbed by some highschool dropouts on bath salts.
by Justbeingrealwithu August 24, 2018
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A town in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. It is filled with religious people and junkies you can tell them apart because the junkies will have scabs on there face and other typical crack head features. The religious people in Chilliwack look a little better but suffer from a very narrow gene pool. As a result are not able to grasp simple concepts like evolution, The world being older than 6000 years, And the difficulty Moses would have had collecting two of all the animals.
Typical conversation in Chilliwack.

person A: This global warming stuff is interesting what do you think about it?

person B: God already flooded the world once and it won't happen again if we go to church.

person A: Okay then, I'm going to buy drugs, that was painful.

person B: God hates you then! My pastor who is my dads brother married to my sister told me so.
by crackheadhater December 6, 2010
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Chilliwack is a community in the Fraser Valley. A farming community that has the best corn. It's made up of hard working families that enjoy sports, hiking, camping and fishing. We love our Chilliwack Chiefs and support our kids in whatever sports they do. Our scenery is breath taking and our rivers have the best fishing around.

Proud to be a Chilliwack resident.
Chilliwack town in fraser valley
by Kaw29 May 21, 2017
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Chilliiwack one of the worst cities in Canada for theft and break and enters. If your stuff goes missing you got Chilliwacked. Chilliwack has higher theft rates than most American cities. Thanks in part to a large number of drug users
man I turned my back for a second and my bag got chilliwacked.
by crackheadhater September 27, 2009
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Chilliwack is 1 of Canada's highest property crime cities, located in British Columbia's Fraser Valley. Aka The Bible belt. Bordered to the west by Abbotsford (highest # of churches per capita) & to the east by Hope (highest occult following per capita) it is not surprising to learn that Chilliwack has the highest concentration of dishonest, drug addled, inbred citizenry in North America. If you have something stolen or broken into, you have been Chilliwacked, but if you are the culprit of such thievery, you are the Chiliwacker
"I'm gonna find the Chilliwacker that stole my car."
by whacked-past April 7, 2015
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A rare species of gerbil that used to flourish in the wild fields of chilliwack until some hoe decided to start using them as fuck toys and made the species endangered.
I just love when I go home to play with my chilliwack gerbil
by Bronze blazer August 25, 2019
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Endangered gerbil species due to its predation by ISIS ailurophiles.
I wish I could find a good chilliwack gerbil,
by Thot.patrol August 25, 2019
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