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Generally used in intimate relationships in place of names. The names are usually thought of based on experience of the relationship.

Some people particularly dislike Pet Names, and simply wish not to referred to with one, as it may seem demeaning.

Common Pet Names include: Babe, Sweetie, Honey (or Hon’), Sweetheart, and Dear.
Jesse and Victoria have started using pet names on each other, it’s so adorable!
by BillyMcSaggyTits May 03, 2018
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A name used between people who are romantically involved, usually playful and related to some personal experience or quality. Probably sounds like nonsense to anyone else hearing it.
"Hey, Marshmellow, come here" pet name being Marshmellow
by idkwattoput21 August 14, 2009
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a really soppy way of adressing someone you are romantically attatched to.
His pet name is squishy sossige


I almost spewed when i heard the pet name he gave me
by indifference_is October 25, 2006
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