An extremely flamboyant gay male. Derived from the "Flaming Hot Cheetohs" snack.
There were so many cheetohs at the party last night.
by Winn N. August 27, 2007
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sticking a finger up someones ass (usually guy-to-guy) and wigglin it around

Made famous by Brandon Guererro
You better watch out or Brandon's gunna cheetoh you.

I just gotted cheetohed
by Sheeba Hondo May 23, 2008
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Slang for someone who's gotten an obvious spray on tan.
Dude #1: Yo, you seen Samantha?
Dude #2: She's become a f**king cheetoh.
by _allismine_ April 14, 2006
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A fluffy crispy thing with a cheese essence it tastes like orange rain with cats falling down from the earth.
Girl 1: What is that?
Girl 2: It's a Cheetohs bag
by zoey101_wth April 28, 2019
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What happens when you fap immediately after eating Chester's.
He was about to get some head but he had some crazy cheetoh dick going on.
by joemammy September 3, 2016
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A bloody tampon that is allowed to dry and then sucked on to remove all of the menstruation that remains.
Kadirr tries to create his own turkish cheetohs but finds he likes the used ones the most.
by Gandylips March 1, 2013
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The opposite of Cupcaking. When you want to harm or injure your crush,because the feelings are not mutual.
Maddie wanted to cheetoh chop BobbyDunn,because he filed a restraining order against her.
by 1heart1way January 17, 2008
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