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in the gaming world, a person who repeatedly performs the same moves in fighting games (such as in Soul Caliber, Street Fighter, etc) in order to win
Wow, Jimmy is such a cheeser; all he ever does is that damned sweep-kick.
by KarmaGhost April 27, 2004
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A nickname for a variety of hotdog that consists of a cheese-filled core, with the body of a beefer.
Friend1: Pass me a dog
Friend2: Beefer or Cheeser?
Friend1: I ain't fuck with no beefer gimme that cheeser!
by Dr._salaharie September 28, 2019
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'Cheeser' and 'Cheesing' are terms meaning someone in gaming who spams imbalanced attacks or uses lame methods for a quick win.
Ex 1: I played some Cheeser in Starcraft yesterday and that douchebag pylon blocked my mineral line;how cheesy is that? Luckily I skipped gas and 4 rax rine rushed that chobo.

Ex 2: God! That fusla3 is such a cheeser. Look at him abusing that ballista.
by JThrasher July 10, 2008
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derived from the word said while posing for a picture "say cheese" a cheeser is a smile. when someone is cheesin there usually smiling. a cheeser is an excessively large smile. Cheeser can also can be used as a verb
I think ill be cheesin hard in my graduation picture
Did u see the cheeser on Bob wen they called out his name over the PA
by PhillyDude5 March 10, 2006
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A small mouse belonging to Stan Smith from American Dad who saves him from a group of terrorists
"Cheesers came Back"
by opo910 May 11, 2012
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