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(noun) All encompassing term used to describe various types of low-life individuals. Probably the primary type of loser this word is in reference to are individuals who put forth little if any effort in bettering their livelihood and the livelihoods of their immediate family and those around them, but would rather rely on their country's government tax dollars to finance their way of life, specifically people who draw/collect a check every month. The basis for the word and it's association is thus: Once upon a time, esp where this writer is from, food commodities where given out to lower income families, one of which were great big blocks of government a few words....THE BEST GODDAMN CHEESE YOU WILL EVER EAT IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE OR IN THE NEXT.
Luther was without question the epitome of a cheeser. At thirty years old he had already sired thirteen children, nine of which he had anything to do with, but managed to draw food stamps off of every one if them. He's banned from every single store in town due to him suing for various fictitious claims about injuries. He knows about and is familiar with every chow line and soup kitchen around. If he is somehow able to finagle anyone out of any amount of money they should consider it gone for good.
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by Nikki Stixx December 11, 2020
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A person who gets the vaccine and and flaunts it will high end shopping, trips, and parties
Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
by M. Wolly March 23, 2021
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in the gaming world, a person who repeatedly performs the same moves in fighting games (such as in Soul Caliber, Street Fighter, etc) in order to win
Wow, Jimmy is such a cheeser; all he ever does is that damned sweep-kick.
by KarmaGhost April 27, 2004
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'Cheeser' and 'Cheesing' are terms meaning someone in gaming who spams imbalanced attacks or uses lame methods for a quick win.
Ex 1: I played some Cheeser in Starcraft yesterday and that douchebag pylon blocked my mineral line;how cheesy is that? Luckily I skipped gas and 4 rax rine rushed that chobo.

Ex 2: God! That fusla3 is such a cheeser. Look at him abusing that ballista.
by JThrasher July 10, 2008
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One who constantly wines and snivels about life and things.
Joe, why are you such a cheeser all the time?
by Soul_at_sea February 13, 2014
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A nickname for a variety of hotdog that consists of a cheese-filled core, with the body of a beefer.
Friend1: Pass me a dog
Friend2: Beefer or Cheeser?
Friend1: I ain't fuck with no beefer gimme that cheeser!
by Dr._salaharie September 28, 2019
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