A very square, cheesy person who constantly makes an arsehold of his/herself
God I wish he'd leave me alone...he's a right cheeser
by Tracey August 29, 2003
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A lame ass bitch who needs to fuck off and get a life. Someone who constantly pursues in the arts of lame bullshit.
Josh: "Did you hear how Michelle said she was gonna snitch on us for throwing the paper?"
Shane: "Wow what a fucking cheeser!"
by Michael E. May 7, 2018
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A girl who younger than 18. Range from the age 16 or 17. Looks fully developed as a women. Older guys assume they are legal and 18 or over by there features
Carlos made out with chucky cheeser at that party. She look 18 but I ask her sister she 16. We should of knew by the braces and the way she acts.
by P.T.S December 22, 2011
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To be fucked over in a situation in a retarded manner.
"man that j4 just cheeser dogged me right outta that bush"
by lemon sang September 6, 2014
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Crowd cheeser is somebody who brings happiness to a crowd. Somebody who makes everybody cheese, which in this term, means to smile. Often mistaken for: Crowd pleaser
by Thebluepearl February 13, 2017
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When you eat a lot of chimichangas or other Mexican food with lots of cheese, and develop a case of hot, runny farts along with painful cramps, and often diarrhea.
After eating two platefuls of enchiladas last night I woke up with the chimi-cheesers.
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