Reffering to a generation of Homeless youth, travelers, rail road riders and tramps....a DIRTY is not a HOUSEY, meaning a similar looking teen or youth can easilly be identified by a dirty as being Housed Up ... or not living on the dirt litterally. can include anyone from the ages of 14 to 50, most are very young but old enough to be kicked out or run aways... somewhat describing a caste in society...dirty kids can be broadly steorotyped as youth that stopped identify with the typical ideas of home and community and represent the results of a collapsing system that no longer recognizes the infinite value of a individual being, many are protesters, spiritualist, traveling musicians, poets, performers, dancers and artist's....your likely to see them with huge back packs, dogs, guitars, dreadlocks, and hats...dirty kids everywhere are like a family and will often travel and camp together, always integrated with girls, dirty kid are mostly male.....many are transgender, gay, mentally disabled, racially mixed, abused, or maybe on the run from the law systems ..... outcasts from society. . they typically are not associated with hard drug use, prostitution or gangs and openly protect each other from these things, dirty kids often have a litteral visable layer of of dirt from where they live and sleep ...they are freed spirits, with cutting edge awareness and experiences, they don't see a mirror often but are so real and beautiful that they are envied by those trapped in society
The dirty kid was the one I saw flying a sign for food and weed, he obviously doesn't live with his parents or go to work.
by isisunited February 2, 2015
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reffering to a kid who takes a monthly bath, has dirty fingers, and smells armpit all the time, also a true dirty kid is a dirty kid who doesnt know they are dirty. (oh god its priceless,so funny) wears same clothes every day, extremely poor, and smelly
Hey look at that dirty kid!
Dirty Kid: Yeah look at him hes so dirty.
Clean Kid: Yeah....right.
by ABsolut3Taktics February 13, 2008
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Remember back in highschool or even summer camp there was always at least one kid who wore the same clothes and never showered? This term is often used to describe one's self in a self-deprecating manner but you could also use it to describe an actual dirty kid, someone who wears the same clothes for several days or showers infrequently.
I haven't washed my hair in a week, I feel like such a dirty kid!
by walmart is the antichrist March 2, 2007
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Those kids that constantly wear the same clothes everyday, or the same sweatshirt EVERDAY, they smell, they always look like trash,never seem to care about theyre appearence, most guys are always wearing something with skulls on it. in most are always doing drugs, pot usually. In most cases, being called a dirty kid can be worse than someone calling you a fag, or something like that. Dirty kids are a growing problem among high school across the nation, take initiative, shower, go shopping, quit the drugs. Together we can stop the growing Dirty Kid epidemic
Me: gosh i hate our lunch table
Friend: why?
Me: its right next to the dirty kids table and kills my appetite...and theyre so annoying, all they ever talk about is pot and video games.
by TheycallmeDebonics April 21, 2011
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A traveling kid who doesn't wear shoes, has little use for showers...

Common characteristics:
- Lives with a girlfriend.
- Has gnarly dreads.
- Unconventional, yet charming.
- Freeloading vegan.

Dirty kids have the potential to smell normal.
Andrew Hippie: Whoa, that guy smells like he drank a fourth of vodka out of a locker room hamper. Dirty kid much?

Elkins: That's a crusty kid. Dirty kids have less puke and more bottlecaps in their dreads.
by bobross July 14, 2011
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Dirty kids are the kids in your high school or middle school that are very dirty. They are people everyone fear for some odd reason, and they usually don't smell very pleasent, and smell like they just fell off the back of a garbage truck. They are generally very poor, and hang out with other dirty kids. They always look smug, and many of them smoke weed. They like to skip class, and often like to cuss down people who walk by. These kids usually sit at their own table in lunch, in a corner. These kids like to dress in black, wearing old t-shirts with Led Zeppelin on them, and Jimmy Hendix. These kids usually wear loads of earings, and the girls have nose rings often. The dirty kids are not kids you want to be part of, behind your backs, you are secretly made fun of, and mocked all the time. Most of us just hate you.
-Why is he so pissed?

-He's not pissed, he just hangs out with the dirty kids!
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 3, 2008
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The kids at your high school that wear the big chain pants from Hot Topic, wear Insane Clown Posse shirts, usually dye their hair stupid colors and draw on themselves. They usually give each other dumb nicknames.

Guy 1: Who's that faggot over there in the ICP shirt?

Guy 2:Oh, him? That's just Peaches, one of the schools dirty kids.
by FrszhJJ March 14, 2009
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