the lil jew has a cheeser
the kids cheeser was 12 inchs over his knob
the french kid had a fromage
the dirty kid had a moldy blue cheese
by printo August 23, 2006
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A Cheeser is a Green Bay Packers(NFL Team)fan.A cheeser is also someone who does ANYTHING to win.
For example a cheeser is a boy who plays -fourty-five minutes games in Madden NFL 07 all game long. He makes about 2 TD per game and then brags in school about it. And most importantly plays with the Green Bay Packer's.
When he talks about it everyone calls him CHHEEESER!!
by Tereso September 27, 2006
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A Person whos fat hangs down over there peins
1. look at the cheese on the fat ass over here
2. Your such a cheeser you have to lift you fat up to pee
by mitch man November 6, 2007
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I saw a cheeser the other day and fuck, did he ever smell cheesy. If you're a cheeser, stay the fuck away from me!
by bread infection October 23, 2005
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A totally hot little chickie that you just want to grab and bang the friggin hell out of.
by irvinesucks August 25, 2007
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nida is a cheeser, meaning she is a cheeser
Nida is a cheeser, a really big cheeser
by bob September 25, 2004
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A slang term for a cheese slicer.
Hey, where the fuck is the cheeser? I want some cheese and crackers. Slices!
by Kristina Funke February 21, 2006
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