A god. A chad. The man who makes it possible for you to live in a house for cheap and complain about it on the Internet.
Landlord: I’m only asking for a tip of 5% per month.
Renter: make it 10% my good man!
by RedditMoment69420 August 7, 2020
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1) An opportunistic mentally ill parasite who honestly believes he provides an honest, morally sound business for his community. But in reality, siphons huge amounts of resources from his tenants trapping them into the perpetual gamed cycle of renting rather than owning.

2) A person, company, or firm who owns so much property they can easily set the rental rates of a particular area.
"If I keep paying rent to landlords, I will never afford a house"

"My landlord raised the rent again! I cannot believe I am being priced out of my childhood town!"
by DutchPirate May 29, 2018
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A person that most probably has a drink problem who decides to run a pub because real work is too much hard work.
Huw the waster is a terrible landlord.
by iwtom April 5, 2019
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Not a job. By definition, a landlord is a property owner, and at best, is an investor. Investment Slacker. Will try to convince others that what they do is, in fact, a "real" "job" by listing responsibilities such as:
Asking for money
Waking up at noon
Drinking box wine before 5 pm
Neglecting significant issues with the rental unit
Raising rent to discourage "the" "element" from renting units
Researching discriminatory practices

Telling people with "real" "jobs" to get "real" "jobs."
Frankie D: Yeah, I dunno Rich, I mean if it makes money--it's a job, right?
Richie B: Wrong Frank. Panhandlers make money, but asking for change on the street isn't a job--neither is being a landlord.
by Merriticus September 24, 2021
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A Great White Shark.

the landlord is a term most commonly used by surfers. He is the landlord of the undersea world... the great white shark.
The landlord decided to pay a visit to the lineup and sent everyone back onto the beach.
by Hendo255 September 24, 2007
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Someone who fixes your shit when your shit is fucked.
“Yo Ethan, text the landlord, our shit is fucked.”
by jd031398 September 24, 2018
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Chad who generously provides shelter to ungrateful rentoids who do nothing but complain, have babies they can't afford, do drugs, depreciate the value of the landchad's god-endowed property, and be late on rent despite all the welfare they get (money the government takes from landchads's hard-earned income)
Rentoid: the landlord of my property is such a jerk
Landlord on the property intercom: I can hear you from the bugs I planted in your apartment. By the way rent is going up $500 next month
by landownersunited March 16, 2022
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