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A company whose existence is dedicated to fucking over all gamers and developers with whom it comes in contact.
1: Dude, did you hear about the horror stories that former EA game developers tell?

2: Yeah, that's fucked up. Did you hear that EA gained control of Star Wars?

1: No. Fuck.
by hello everybody im Nappa May 12, 2013
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An evil corporation set on buying every video game company till there is nothing left.
EA will buy your family and eat your children
by 8======D January 27, 2005
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A massive media mogul that has produced and released hundreds of video games for most platforms (if not all of today's modern ones), and detroyed many valuable, well-liked companies in the process.

Some companies destroyed by Electronic Arts:

Maxis - Creator of the "Sim" games (such as "The Sims", "SimCopter", and of course, "SimCity") which made quality games with attention to humor and detail. Since EA's absorbtion of this fine game maker, games are released buggy and unfinished, and are never quite properly fixed, since patches don't come out as they should.

Westwood - Creator of the Command & Conquer series of games, also obliterated by EA. Excellent titles were produced by Westwood, and came in an actually finished state. If there were problems, they were patched. Since becoming one of the many sub-names of EA, games produced under the C&C trademark have been ridiculously shoddy. One such game is Command & Conquer Generals, and its expansion, C&CG: Zero Hour. This particular title is absolutely ridden with bugs and improper code, and despite its popularity, EA refuses to release updated patches for it.
Microsoft offers computing solutions. Electronic Arts - that's a monopoly. A monopoly that abuses its own customers to the fullest extent allowed by law and the rules of business.
by LS February 22, 2005
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Althought they claim it stands for Electronic Arts, it really stands for Evil Assholes, who have little respect for either their employees, or their customers. Oh and they have a unfair stanglehold on the PC game market, if one wants to know why all the PC games have sucked of late its because of them.
EA should be broken up by the Goverment, then we'll have the god gamemakers back. Like Bullfog, Janes, Maxis, and westwood.
by Stlid H Thorn November 22, 2006
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Evil Arts - Better known as Electronic Arts to the public. The motto "Its In The Game" is loosely translated to "Hand Over Your Soul" in the language Hamidamidam.
"Did you get the new Battlefield game from the EA downloader?"
by Raicon November 02, 2006
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Electronics Arts incorporated. They produce video games and are the opitome of the evil of Capitalism.
Word, but did you see that Spiderman game and that James Bond Game that EA games came out with they was busten.
by Da NavisLonga X May 02, 2005
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Short for Electronic Arts, the worst video game company ever made. They create horrible games that are rushed to meet a deadline. They also make bad sports games, every single year. They are attempting to buy other companies to expand their Nazi empire.
EA is to videogames as the Nazis were to the Jews.
by viper776 February 21, 2005
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