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A student's terminology for Cocaine.
The word is commonly used by the person(s) who have never tried the drug but use this slang to fit in with people associated within the cocaine drug culture.
"hhmmmmm yes of course I was out on the weekend man!!! never slept a wink, I was on the old Charlesworth"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
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When a male under the influence on certain substances (originally ketamine or cocaine or any combiantion of the two) causes the male to accidentally expose his penis in the presence of his peers, or generally in a public establishment. Most commonly seen in venues such as JD Wetherspoons. This action mostly occurs post urination due to failure to re-cover the penis.
The culprit, post realisation of the vulgar deed will often shout "....oh shit...i did a Charlesworth" and then crouds persist to laugh and point.
by Patrick Edmund Quigley March 19, 2010
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An individual with gay tendencies. Usually referred to as a homo who likes to take bare length in the bum. And smells like rotting fish flesh. If you are a 'charlesworth', you definitely are a disgrace to your family due to your chronic lapses of homosexual activity.
Did you see that guy sucking off that guy? What a complete charlesworth
by James Smitherstonshire July 02, 2010
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