A brilliant city with a wide variety of activities, has everything london does just not as STUPIDLY expensive and has a smaller population. THE CAPITAL OF THE NORTH (england)
Leeds is Brilliant!!!!!! F*** u Bitches who say it's shit
by Harry January 13, 2005
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The third largest and second fastest growing city in the UK. Generally seen as the capital of the North due to Liverpool being shit, Newcastle being too small, and Manchester being in Lancashire.
chant: "Leeds Leeds Leeds Leeds Leeds!!!!"
by Bubblegoose April 29, 2006
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Leeds is basically the capital of the North. Better than all these southern places with posh b******s who are unsociable. brill place to go with chatty yorkshire people!
"Leeds?! YOU MUST BE JOKING! Like the football club, S**T!"
"Have you ever been to Leeds, Retard."
by Nichola March 27, 2005
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a large modern city situated in west yorkshirewith a small football team (leeds utd) which wallows in the 3rd level of English football.
Nobody likes Leeds Utd. Their fans are amongst the lowest of the low & great pleasure is being had by those who are enjoying watching the club slowly slide away into oblivion. It is something their fans deserve.
by Dr Fox May 8, 2007
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er... Apparently Leeds is the capital of the North. Not
yeah right because Liverpool and Manchester are not Northern cities
Some people need to get out of their city o_O
by Rosefan June 23, 2005
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A vibrant city in West Yorkshire in the North of England. It has some lovely buildings and a great gig scene. Leeds Corn Exchange has some wicked shops, Punks, Rockers, Grungers etc. will feel welcome here. I reccomend living here!
"Leeds is the best city in England"
by xEmilyx August 9, 2005
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Leeds is the 3rd biggest city in england and is the fastest growng city in the uk, ALSO THE CAPITAL OF THE NORTH!
LEEDS is very very diverse and if ever visited, you would see that there are alot of different race's and riligions! leeds is attracted people from overseas and is very famous for art (museums) and dance and many more......LEEDS IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE AND WILL ALWAYS WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS!! :D
by fashion57 August 18, 2010
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