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A chain of pubs throughouth Britain that act as a magnet for chavs and minors. Invariably centre stage for all fighting due to the lack of entertainment allowing low priced alcohol and thus large concentrations of both men and women that enjoy violence.
Dude, Where's Mickey?

Oh he fancied a fight so he went up to the Wetherspoons
by Jim Birtwisle January 15, 2008
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A local pub, previous unique buildings e.g. bank that sells cheap alcohol, cheap food & full of underage chavs. You have to walk a marathon just to find the stairs for the toilet. You will make friends with the alcoholics that sits in there all day every day.
Bill: Wanna go out tonight?
Me: Yeah m8 pre drink at Wetherspoons?
Bill: Obviously!!!! 2 for £10 jugs
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by Inky96 June 01, 2018
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