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A muscle car made by Dodge from 1966 to 1974. The '68 Hemi Charger could do 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. By the way, the was an auto w/ 3.54 gears that they tested. The '69 Hemi 500 model could do that 1/4-mile in the low 13-second range at over 110mph. Most Charger's topped out at around 140mph.

Biggest Problem: Too small of brakes
Dodge sold almost 100k Charger's in 1968.
by Mya Jadg September 15, 2005
Short name for the Chevy Corvette. Made from 1953 to now. Has and has always had incredible handling, on par with most European sports cars. Same goes for acceleration, only better. The 1990-95 ZR-1 Corvette, complete with a 405hp 5.7-liter overhead cam V8, could pull OVER 1.0g on the skidpad... completely stock. The 1969 aluminum-engined ZL-1 featured 50/50 weight distribtion and it's L88-based 427 V8 produced over 450hp at the wheels. It could hit 60mph in the high 3-second range and could run the 1/4-mile in 10.5 @ 133mph; the only mod being drag slicks, which, I'd like to point out, are inferior to modern racing tires. With modern tires... Who knows? The ZL-1 could top over 180mph with proper gearing and could pull about 0.94g on the skidpad. Not bad, for 1969.
I knew this guy who had a '71 ZR-2 Corvette. That thing got to 60mph in 5 seconds flat, thanks to it's 425hp LS6 V8 engine. It could also take the corners with the best of them.

One last thing, in 1973 Car&Driver compared a Jag, a Ferrari, a Porsche, and a Mercedes. The 'Vette out-ran, out-cornered, and out-brake them all.
by Mya Jadg September 15, 2005
After failing to purchase Ferrari, Ford decided that they had to beat them. They went to Carroll Shelby to help them design their new supercar to win at LeMans. By 1964, the protoype GT40 was ready. The GT stands for Gran Turismo, and the 40 stands for 40", the height of the car. It went 3 stages (Mark I, Mark II, Mark IV) and ended winning the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1966, '67, '68, and 1969. It was powered by a 427cid V8 produced upwards of 500hp.
I want a red '66 Mark II Ford GT40.
by Mya Jadg September 5, 2005
An option package on the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray. Featuring heavy-duty shocks, higher-rate springs, bigger brakes w/ metallic linings, and last, but not least: a monster 36.5-gallon fuel tank in the back. With a full tank, about 55% of the car's weight was over the rear axle.
A reaL '63 Z06 with a 360hp Ram-Jet fuel-injected 327c.i. V8 go's for over $100 grand.
by Mya Jadg September 25, 2005
ZL-1 was an option code on the Chevy Corvette and Camaro in 1969. It was a Regular-Production Order (RPO) for the 'Vette, but for the Camaro it was a Central Office Production order (COPO).
It consisted of an L88 427c.i. engine but replaced the normal cast-iron block with an aluminum one, and saved 100lbs. in the process. This lead to 50/50 weight distrubtion for both models. To make up for the fact that aluminum is weaker than iron, the block was beefed up substantially. A dry-sump oil system was used, and the stock camshaft was replaced with a longer duration one. The ZL-1 weighed just over 500lbs. total and could produce 585hp @ 7000rpm at the crank. Fuel shutoff occured at 7100rpm. Torque output was officially rated at 460ft-lbs, but it is/was actually over 500ft-lbs.
A complete ZL-1 'Vette, of which only 2 were produced, had a dry weight of just under 3,000lbs. In addition to the 2 Corvettes produced with the ZL-1, 69 Camaro's also recieved the engine. All ZL-1-equipped cars featured the M22 "Rock-Crusher" close-ratio 4-speed transmission, although one ZL-1 test car had a "beefed-up" 3-speed automatic.
A grand total of 500 ZL-1 engines were produced in order to homologate it for racing.
Zora Arkus-Duntov drove a ZL-1 Corvette down the 1/4-mile in 12.1 seconds at 116mph. This car was equipped with an M22 4-speed tranmission, a 3.70:1 Positraction rear-end, and road race tires. In order to fit the tires, a set of fender flares had to be installed. Both ZL-1 'Vettes came with a set of fender flares in the passenger compartment. The tires had to be bought separatley. Zora managed to pull a full 1.0g on the skid pad with this 'Vette.

Zora took another ZL-1 'Vette, this one with headers and drag slicks, which, I'd like to point out, are about as good as modern street tires, through the 1/4-mile in 10.5 seconds at 133mph.

The 1st car had a top speed over over 160mph. The 2nd could make it to 140mph. However, with dealer-installed 2.76:1 gears, to ZL-1 Corvette could push 200mph with relative ease.
by Mya Jadg September 21, 2005