Done, okay, finished. In a physical state where further intoxication is unneeded. Often used as a polite refusal for more marijuana, alcohol, etc. Also used as a general term for reluctancy or unwillingness.
"Yo Lee, hit greens on this bowl."

"Aw, no thanks man, I'm champ from that last one."

"Bro, let's throw eggs at some traffic!"

"I'm champ on that, dude. Count me out."
by churnice January 08, 2013
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Short for champagne. Sometimes written as champ'.
I'm on a boat bitch, we drinkin' Santana champ cuz it's so crisp.
by famouskid February 12, 2009
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the act of removing the tobacco and the cardboard layer from a black and mild, then replacing the tobacco so that it hits smoother. originally pioneered in Maryland State Penitentiary
ey yo. this black tastes like shit. champ the motherfucker before you blaze it next time.
by showerbenderover23 August 10, 2006
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a person, usually a close mate, that is totally cool, done something really stupid (but highly amusing) or has just picked up!
dude...your a champ!
by Joanne&Alyce October 08, 2003
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One who can outdrink or outperform another in a given activity
A) Man, You polished off the whole bottle?
B) Yeah.
A) Damn dude, you're a champ!
by Claydolf Hitler January 22, 2004
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Champ (Can be extended to Champion for generalised greeting purposes)

A person who has undergone an extended period of higher education and failed to make good on degree attained.


A highly educated individual who’s education outstrips their upper limit of intelligence. In turn there’re out of phase and incapable of making balanced / credible decisions.
Person 1. You know the Champ has only gone and paid the vet £500 cos the rabbit that he took in had an upset stomach.

Person 2. Jesus! What’s up with the rabbit. It must have been quite ill then?

Person 1. Nope, he’d only left it out in the sun, gone off it’s food it had.

Person 2. Unbelievable! What’s up with him?

Person 1. Well that’s the Champ for ya.
by #clueless October 31, 2017
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