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To be called a champ in a mocking or condescending way.
A) (trips over own feet)
B) Ya rite champ? Havin a win r ya?
A) (gets up after tripping over) Damn - that dude just champed me! Asshole!
by markuz June 27, 2005
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An adjective used to describe the act of getting severely intoxicated but still on point none the less. Only champions can get champed, if you are a lame fuck it is not possible to get champed, you have to be a boss.
We were so champed last night.

Uh yea obvi, all the broads were tryin to get it.

Fuckin eh.
by T-lib January 19, 2014
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Being beaten severly, or an embarrasing defeat.
Adolf: Mr. Jew you've just been champed.
by Michael December 18, 2003
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