An old school slang term used by big city police describing the beating a suspect takes when resisting arrest.
The cops caught the suspect after a foot pursuit, at which point, he was given the good news.
by Chris the Fist June 10, 2009
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British army slang for killing the enemy, or the method/instrument used or to be used to kill the enemy.
'We'll breach a hole in the bunker and 6 platoon will go in and deliver the Good News.'
'The air support will be delivering the good news in a 2 minutes'
by Quixlo October 20, 2008
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Pot-smokers might use the term "good news" to hide the fact that they are talking about weed in public.
"You hear about any good news lately?"


"Hey man you got any good news?
by jazzersizer69er_89 April 13, 2013
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What's not covered in Chicago, usually when someone isn't bleeding profusely in the ER or critically ill. Usually when they come away unscathed from a car accident and able to walk away from a side swipe on Lake Shore Drive. Other than that it's not covered.

Florida -- it's the front page deal and a regular thing. But they ignore the incident that played up December 2017 and hate when poignant questions are very directed. Both cases are the human interest coverage. They talk about a message of inclusion but inclusion in Chicago is publication with ISBN related to Outreach.
I'm not going to be the bringer of Good News when I say this, but there was an investigation of what played up with Marquardt Middle School class of 1991 alumni and Glenbard North: Class of 1995. This case the term is Chicago's definition where the madman stays in Cook County Jail. That played up Christmas Eve 2018 and almost repeated the horror from Leslie Lane, New Years Eve 1992-1993, Cheryl Huff of Glendale Heights. The events not discussed in An Eye In Shadows but glazed over with The Cabbie Homicide.
by illinoishorrorman January 29, 2019
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Hit someone in the head with an inanimate object from behind rendering them unconscious.
I gave that dude the 'good-news’ with an axe handle and he went out like a light.
by eodstu August 28, 2007
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Something announced to a large group of people, presented in a positive manner but is almost always NOT good news.
by Good Samaratin December 2, 2013
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