In a Role Playing Game, short RPG, which can be a computer game including an MMORPG or pen and paper.

1. To abandon a character and create a new one

2. To abandon a character and create a new one of a certain character class.
1. "If you're playing a paladin, just reroll."

2. "They nerfed my druid, I'm gonna reroll hunter."
by Benjamin N.P. May 6, 2008
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Originally coming from Dungeons and Dragons where players would need to roll dice to generate character stats and attributes. The term later was incorporated when making a new character in MMORPGS.
I'm gonna reroll a Cleric for my friend's campaign.

by The Lemur May 27, 2008
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Ecstasy after a proper 3 weeks come down to restore serotonin
Swim rerolled and now is super depressed
by mcNugit March 3, 2010
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After smoking a cigarette one rerolls the leftover tobacco into a new cigarette.
Damn, I hate smoking rerolls.
by thanumba1loser January 10, 2012
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dope clothes you'd wear if you wanted to show off your support for the upcoming roblox game "reroll," and can be bought through the official Mistware Interactive group
"can ping?"

be foirmnal
be formal"

"how formal"

"Hey guys!

I've dropped new reroll merch."
by cripdk January 18, 2021
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