(n) To qualify something in a positive qualification.

(v) To do something cool, or worthy of props, such as hooking up with a hot girl.

(adj) something or someone that exemplifies the quality of champs, like a guy who just had a threesome.
This chronic is champs.

I champed her last night.

That's a champs White Castle burger.

Dude, you're a champ.
by Neil November 02, 2004
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n. anyone who is severly deluded about their ability to do something well or effectively. an annoying twit.
hey champ...she's clearly not interested, so get the fuck out of my chair so I can get back to my beer.
by steven May 20, 2004
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Someone calls you a champ they're the scum of the earth especially when calling an Aussie Champ
Guy1: How you going, Champ?,
Guy2: What the fuck did you just say? Calling me champ in my fucking country get fucked cunt
by Lamb Kofta August 27, 2020
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A player in Old School Runescape that does not have appropriate equipment for their level due to laziness, lack of quest completion, or gold. Common examples include not having a fire cape or barrows gloves despite having a high combat level.
Did you see that champ training slayer in an obby cape and combat bracelet? He didn't even have a slayer helm!

That guy is using a rune chainbody since he hasn't completed Dragon Slayer. What a champ!
via giphy
by ratQuesada January 25, 2018
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A cool high ass mellow person. GCUE dubbed the term CHAMP which means Cool High Ass Mellow People. CHAMP
True fan of GCUE
It takes a champ to know a champ.
Do it how a champ supposed to.
Get zooted like a champ.
by flydopeGMONEY February 26, 2012
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