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Chachkies is the yiddish word for trinkets and collectables, AKA "dusk collectors" that you would find in an old lady's house.
Mrs. Silverman had lots of chachkies sitting on her mantle, many of them collected from garage sales and yard sales over the years.
by Dannell Buckingham April 15, 2005
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An immense amount of girly trinkets that literally take over the whole house and bathroom. Little metal figurines, little ceramic pets, little shoes that obviously can't be worn, shit that chicks buy at a Hallmark store!
Hey, I can't find anywhere to put my shaving kit on your bathroom counter. WTF?
Oh, those are my like?
It's a shit show! Trinkets made of metal like a Fabrege Egg, A little boy figurine holding one Q-tip and some metal diamond crusted high heel shoes that have rusted out the counter because they're getting water on them all the time...this blows
Well, up least I didn't create a bath mat clusterfuck...dumb ass!
by ramrod22 January 22, 2014
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