Chachkies is the yiddish word for trinkets and collectables, AKA "dusk collectors" that you would find in an old lady's house.
Mrs. Silverman had lots of chachkies sitting on her mantle, many of them collected from garage sales and yard sales over the years.
by Dannell Buckingham April 15, 2005
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An immense amount of girly trinkets that literally take over the whole house and bathroom. Little metal figurines, little ceramic pets, little shoes that obviously can't be worn, shit that chicks buy at a Hallmark store!
Hey, I can't find anywhere to put my shaving kit on your bathroom counter. WTF?
Oh, those are my like?
It's a shit show! Trinkets made of metal like a Fabrege Egg, A little boy figurine holding one Q-tip and some metal diamond crusted high heel shoes that have rusted out the counter because they're getting water on them all the time...this blows
Well, up least I didn't create a bath mat clusterfuck...dumb ass!
by ramrod22 January 22, 2014
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A word that, apparently, several people do not realize is actually spelled tchotchke.

Plural for trinkets or baubles of little value.
Several decade's worth of tchotchke (chachki) lined the old grandmother's dusty shelves.

I spell everything phonetically. Like tchotchke. C-h-a-c-h-k-i.
by lghtrfld64 December 23, 2008
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1. Not how you spell tchotchke, dumbass.
"If I knew how to spell 'tchotchke', I wouldn't have submitted an entry for 'chachki'."
by Deadspot December 22, 2008
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Some type of nick-nack, but usually a piece of crap; usually a small piece of junk.
Any sort of pin or button, novelty type candle, stuffed animals, figurines, any sort of guady or over the top ornament, vase, picture frame, religious paraphenilia, kitschy art, or pop culture doll.
by Kristy April 23, 2004
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Trinket, useless sentimental stuff filling up your book cases and counter space, miscellaneous items collected and set out to enhance your decor, stuff you should probably box up or sell in a garage sale, things kids take when their parents pass away because it reminds them of good times past.
Grandma's collection of mini spoons from around the country, mini statues (Lladro), little bowls of stuff for people to look at, figurines, doilies etc.
by tom April 21, 2004
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A point-of-sale promotional advertising item used in marketing.
Pens, pencils, mugs etc. with a company's name, logo or slogan
by PJ May 6, 2004
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