31 definitions by Kristy

anyways. Used to transition from one subject to another.
Anyways, what's new with you?
by Kristy April 7, 2004
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Some type of nick-nack, but usually a piece of crap; usually a small piece of junk.
Any sort of pin or button, novelty type candle, stuffed animals, figurines, any sort of guady or over the top ornament, vase, picture frame, religious paraphenilia, kitschy art, or pop culture doll.
by Kristy April 23, 2004
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have to be the nicest biscuits ever made by man. or woman. or girl. record number in a batch : 80something.
are absolutely fantastic dont no how i lived before the littl things came along. waffles are also nice. and so is tea.
involves cocopops, sugar, flour and other crap.
by Kristy October 20, 2003
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taking a really ugly girls virginty
"man that girl is ugly"
"oh yeah! i dothing the hoe banger"
by Kristy November 14, 2003
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A word shouted out when one is angered or frustrated by something or someone.
Upon coming home, Iris noted that her cat had barfed all over the middle of her bed. "Rawrgh!" she screamed in frustration.
by Kristy March 11, 2004
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