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to aspire to bond with. One jocks persons one has a crush on. Roughly synonymous with "like," but unlike "like" it implies action. When one jocks someone they not only like them but aspire to do something about it (though it does not imply an actual plan, but the general asperation in an imperfect sense).
"Kristy jocks her boyfriend Kris insane amounts"

"I am totally jocking that girl in my CRD class, even though she has a boyfriend."
by Kristy December 10, 2003
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lets get this straight... jukin is when a female is workin a dude to a beat wit her ass towards his shyt...
grindin is when she faces the other way n they grind they shyt togetha
in chicago we be jukin at juke parties n anywhere else

she was jukin on dude all night
by Kristy March 17, 2005
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When a person with a psychological disorder lures little childern into a dark alley and eats there eyes leaving the childern with that ever lasting memeory
cop 1"god damm it its happened again!"
cop 2" who the fuck let the mentallure out of his cage this time?"
by Kristy November 17, 2003
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a fast speed solitare game with unlimited number of players
like solitare with 4 cards flipped up to begin and a nertz pile of 13 cards all face up
by Kristy January 04, 2004
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Diarrhea one gets from drinking the water in Egypt.
Similar: montezuma's Revenge
Despite being warned about drinking the water in Egypt, Kristy was stubborn and as a result ended up in considerable pain suffering from the Pharoes Curse.
by Kristy April 14, 2004
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have to be the nicest biscuits ever made by man. or woman. or girl. record number in a batch : 80something.
are absolutely fantastic dont no how i lived before the littl things came along. waffles are also nice. and so is tea.
involves cocopops, sugar, flour and other crap.
by Kristy October 20, 2003
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Some type of nick-nack, but usually a piece of crap; usually a small piece of junk.
Any sort of pin or button, novelty type candle, stuffed animals, figurines, any sort of guady or over the top ornament, vase, picture frame, religious paraphenilia, kitschy art, or pop culture doll.
by Kristy April 23, 2004
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