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The process occuring e.g. when a relative of a rich and famous person adapts to a new, lavish lifestyle only made possible because their relative assists them financially, allowing all the family members to live similar lifestyles.
1. It is easy to see that it is common for relatives of the Rich&Famous to go through celebritization quite soon after their relative makes great success in the entertainment industry e.g. as artists or actors. Just take a look at any gossip magazine or website, or watch "Fab Life of the Celebrity Relatives" on MTV. You'll sure find lots of examples of celebritized relatives who quit their jobs and maybe even went from minimum wages, simple homes and old cars to living lavish lifestyles in 15,000 ft² homes - all at the expense of their relative!
2. Part of the celebritization of your parents, for some of today's young stars, obviously is to treat them with the best plastic surgery money can buy. Talk about make-overs; New house, new cars and - mstching new bodies as well! Everything for a mom and dad who is matching your new lifestyle (and looks great on the red carpet)! ;)
by Lotta fra Bråkmakergata December 01, 2007
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