A devastating social disorder where a person wants to achieve celebrity without any work. Symptoms present themselves in: the desire to be famous (or becoming famous) for doing absolutely nothing, entitlement issues, excessive Twitter activity; amassing an army of facebook friends for no particular purpose (i.e. showingcasing one's art, reel, portfolio, etc.) other than to garner attention. The sufferer is often deluded by the idea that one can be "made" a celebrity if enough people follow or friend them. Other signs of the disorder can include creating and/or "leaking" your own sex tape, public photos without underwear, inability to form or maintain genuine relationships, the title of "socialite", and rich parents who might have actually accomplished something in their lifetime.
Dr. Kibblesauce: Celebritism is becoming rampant among today's youth...a crippling disorder my research shows to have originated with Paris Hilton and mutated in Kim Kardashian. It is also closely associated with Los Angelism.

John (on Twitter): Yay! I'm up to 3442 friends on facebook!
Jane: Dude, you gotta tone down the celebritism...you only know 42 of them!

Meg (tweeting about her dog): Apparently Cherie's surgery went really well. (Thank goodness!!) She's in recovery now. #getwellsooncherie
Guy: Who the fu©k cares?? God, I wanna smack that bitch then go eat a cheeseburger.
by nearly civilized February 1, 2011
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Celebritism is a lifestyle on wants to achieve, a lifestyle portrayed in media. Includes, spending lots of money, going on fad diets, and hurting people to get their face in the cameras shot.

Some people hide the fact that they are Celebritist, because of their schemes to get themselves famous.
But some openly admit, it through song, action, and word.
Some people (like me) consider the form of open Celebritism a good thing.
Britney Flickinger (Paris Hilton's my new BFF Season 1 winner) had a serious case of Celebritism, the kind where you hide it for your own agenda. She had it so bad she was willing to lie to Paris Hilton, and all the other castmates to win.

Lady Gaga, is now very famous but in her songs, she mentions, fame, sex, and alcohol, 3 main ingredients of a Celebritists' diet.
by Tom Ruem October 18, 2009
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The act of making an average Joe (or Jane) a celebrity.
Going on a reality show one way that a person will try to celebritze themselves.

The show "The Apprentice" managed to celebritize Omarosa.
by Angela McCaskill May 6, 2008
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the titties belonging to a celebrity
omg this magazine has the best celebritities
by bigwang69 November 24, 2009
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Female celebrities having a nice or beautiful set of real tits.
by Beastiesean August 23, 2017
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An overwhelming obsession with celebrities, typified by talking to them like you're good friends, claiming life-changing epiphanies on their behalf, and/or raising them to god status.
From a Twitter tweet:
#iwillneverforget @Jonasbrothers the first time I saw you guys live. Changed my life. <3


The problem with celebrititis.
by tfu583 August 5, 2009
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The process occuring e.g. when a relative of a rich and famous person adapts to a new, lavish lifestyle only made possible because their relative assists them financially, allowing all the family members to live similar lifestyles.
1. It is easy to see that it is common for relatives of the Rich&Famous to go through celebritization quite soon after their relative makes great success in the entertainment industry e.g. as artists or actors. Just take a look at any gossip magazine or website, or watch "Fab Life of the Celebrity Relatives" on MTV. You'll sure find lots of examples of celebritized relatives who quit their jobs and maybe even went from minimum wages, simple homes and old cars to living lavish lifestyles in 15,000 ft² homes - all at the expense of their relative!
2. Part of the celebritization of your parents, for some of today's young stars, obviously is to treat them with the best plastic surgery money can buy. Talk about make-overs; New house, new cars and - mstching new bodies as well! Everything for a mom and dad who is matching your new lifestyle (and looks great on the red carpet)! ;)
by Lotta fra Bråkmakergata December 1, 2007
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