A reality show created by Donald Trump, one of the biggest billions in the world.

The reality show is when you can win a job....so exciting
Bob: "Yo dude that show The Apprentice rocks! I won try and win a job on it!"
Jim: "Your a loser man. Just work at Mc'Donalds."
by Smedy June 28, 2006
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Someone who does the exact same job as everyone else at the company but gets paid less because of the false promise for an education. A scam scheme to pay people less than the minimum wage when working out pay per hour. A disgraceful scheme.
The apprentice asked me if she can get a wage based on her performance, I laughed at that even though she does show me up with my job.
by FrankyWanky January 20, 2021
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A young person who is learning a trade or proffesion by working alongside an expert, usually for a set period of time at low wages.

The apprentice learns from a master or misstress.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
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A BTEC way of life. Don't bother with doing an apprenticeship if you have a brain
Ah an apprentice is really just a BTEC way of life
by FrankyWanky February 10, 2021
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An apprentice is just an idiot who gets in the way of people actually working.
Fukin apprentice couldn’t do this job even with instructions.”
by Mr. Mundee July 5, 2023
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beginner; novice; one new to an art, often under the tutelage of at least an artisan and sometimes master, though more directly directed by a journeyman.
"And so it was, after being told of the long and glorious history of lavaliering I set out to become an apprentice, listening to artisans and masters speak of those techniques which might further me in my quest to become an LL master myself."
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
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A shit fed, beer cooled journeyman operated device. Can be used for haulin, tuggin, luggin, or any other unjourneyman like task. Can be found at the bottom of the ocean with another sub species of it's type otherwise known as wale shit.
"Go get an apprentice to dig that ditch."

"We need an apprentice to clean up this tool room it's a mess."
by dadsalt May 14, 2008
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